Some chatty things we’ve been up to

In recent times, I have been accusing myself of not giving enough to the ‘Open Source Internet’. I go to the internet to seek inspiration, solutions, guidance and all whatnot, but I only give back in bits…..*sad face*.

So, in an humble effort to seek for forgiveness, I’ll do a brief overview of some of the solutions @chat4brands has been working on lately, in the hope that it will be useful for anyone looking for ideas/inspiration out there.

Enterprise Communications/Messaging Solutions: Whatever your business is, you need to communicate with someone somewhere somehow. With technology enabled businesses built on desktop apps, mobile apps, websites, etc., this need becomes more imperative. The traditional challenge has always been that you need to communicate with people, where they can and choose to receive their communication. You can’t keep firing SMS at someone who who prefers WhatsApp chat, or firing emails to someone whose inbox has 50,000 unread messages; your message just won’t get across! We took this challenge head-on for a popular payment solutions platform and we now enable them to only send communications according to the customer’s preference, be it SMS, WhatsApp and other chat platforms right from within their software!

Community Engagement Solutions: Religious organisations find the most benefit with this use case. We tried engaging some government agencies, but government business seems to be on a man-know-man basis. The problem is quite straightforward: how do you maintain individualistic, personalised communications with millions of people in a cost efficient and effective fashion? Well, look no further! We recently engaged a large, popular religious orgnisation with a solution that would enable them coordinate their large congregation via personalised, chat robots while also being able to collect donations, send materials, send summary of teaching etc. all via chat!

Chat Commerce/payment solutions: Personally, I am most excited about this aspect. We are currently in the process of enabling chat commerce and everyday bills payment on one of the most populous chat platforms in the world! This would be a game changer and we would be glad to tell you all about it when it launches! For now, I really can’t say more.

Marketing Solutions: This borders on a project for a CBN regulated finance institution. Our value proposition was broad, but the client’s immediate need was quite specific – How do we reduce the abandon rate from marketing leads? How do we stop people from abandoning requests, abandoning form filling procedures etc. after they have commenced? So we had to ‘calm down’ and address the client’s specific need. What we proposed was a unified, chat-based communication system, which required less staff to man, and guaranteed continuation of conversations even after brief pauses. It also greatly simplified the client engagement process from long boring forms to simple chat based question and answers.

Well, I guess I should stop here before I turn this into a textbook. There’s still a whole lot to share, probably in subsequent write-ups.


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