Farewell Deloitte – it has been an amazing ride with you.

Leaving Deloitte

It feels really weird that I won’t be clocking into Deloitte at the Civic Towers on Monday 22nd January. Friday 19th January marked the last day of an amazing Technology Media and Telecommunication focused consulting career with Deloitte. The people, the culture, the experience have been spectacular!

Leaving a promising career at Deloitte to join a chat software and cognitive technology consulting business was no easy decision. But I’m strongly optimistic about what the future holds.

The Future

Cognitive technologies implemented in chat software are the next big thing for businesses that face a lot of customers. No business should be left behind. Imagine initiating and completing transactions with customers including receiving payments via chat! This can drastically reduce cost, increase speed and enable businesses to build lifelong relationships with customers/clients.

Not to bother your head, we have done all the heavy lifting and developed a world-class software to put the theory to practice – say hello to Chat4brands (https://www (dot) chat4brands (dot) com)

Now for the icing on the cake, would you like us to demonstrate the capabilities of our solution for your business? Just type “Interested” in the comment section below, no upfront payments required.

Farewell Deloitte – it has been a truly amazing ride with you.



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