The chat revolution is taking form – hop on now!

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Some people (including me) did not bat an eyelid when WhatsApp announced the availability of WhatsApp for small businesses in select markets. For ardent followers of the chat solutions sector, the possibilities are just too massive for anyone to ignore.

The possibilities of what chat solutions can power for small, medium and large businesses are quite enormous. Most people see chat as just a means to say hello to friends and family, however, this is grossly underrating the power of chat.

As part of Chat4Brands, a chat solutions consultancy, I have extensively demonstrated chat solutions for clients with applications in customer service/technical support, e-commerce, travel and hospitality etc. All these were achieved using the popular chat platforms – Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram etc. Believe me when I say the opportunities are endless.

We have solutions that enable businesses to send automated responses, receive orders, collect payments, send/receive documentation, give directions, and so much more on an enterprise level via chat. The advantages and savings for businesses are quite enormous. Conducting business via chat enables you to build personal relationships with customers and also improves customer retention. There are also massive savings from reducing customer service cost and opportunities to upsell customers.

Not to bother your head, we have done all the heavy lifting and developed a world-class software to put the theory to practice – and we would surely be glad to solve your chat solution needs.

Remember: “The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow” – Rupert Murdoch


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