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We enable modern businesses and brands to reach their audience in fast, efficient and convenient ways.
Our solutions include WhatsApp™ Business Solutions, live chat, Facebook™ Messenger, Viber™, Telegram™ & SMS, voice, etc.

The biggest companies find us valuable

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WhatsApp Business Solutions

With over 1 billion users, WhatsApp™ is clearly the leading chat communication platform.

With our WhatsApp business solutions, we enable you to leverage the extensive reach of WhatsApp for communications within your app, website or software.

WhatsApp Business API enables you to conduct 2-way conversations with your audience automatically.

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SMS API Solutions

Our custom bulk SMS API solutions enable you to deliver SMS wherever and whenever!

With our direct connection to telecoms companies, your SMSs are guaranteed a higher delivery rate, especially for critical messages such as delivery alerts, One-Time-Passwords, and PINs.

Our extensive API documentation and 2-way communication mean you can SMS-enable any website, app or software with ease.

Our 2-way SMS feature can enable you to receive responses to SMS sent out for surveys, SMS commerce, and other creative uses!

Chat Messengers Aggregation Platform

Our simple cloud-based chat aggregation solution enables you to interact with your customers and conduct your business via chatbots, WhatsApp™, Facebook™ Messenger, Viber™, Telegram™ App, SMS & Live Chat.

No installation of apps. You get a simple, well-built and easy-to-use web dashboard that lets you manage your communications on the go!

Live Chat, Online Chat, Business, Enterprise Chat Management

And Many More Exciting Use Cases

Build relationships that last, in the places that matter…

Drive sales with personalized marketing
Bespoke customer marketing
Customer feedback survey
Direct marketing campaigns to chat

Exciting new e-commerce ways
Accept and verify orders
Provide help on shopping for goods or services via chat
Notify customers of delivery, change in schedule etc.
Resolve client inquiries and perform customer support

Booking via WhatsApp
Receive and confirm client appointments for medical clinics, service stations, beauty shops, fitness centers and so on

Community Engagement Solutions
Coordinate groups and societies such as religious congregations, receive payments, donations and dues, disseminate information on gathering, mobilization etc.

What makes us stand out


No difficult setup. In just 15 minutes, your platform is up and running.


Built with businesses in mind. Audit trail features, ability to save and archive chats, enterprise grade server security and data protection. Multiple agents and ability to transfer chats.


Primary password security layer with additional secondary layers of security available. Accessible from any browser with internet access.


Convenient monthly or yearly subscription. Pay for only capacity used and features required.


Multiple channels available – WhatsApp™, Facebook™ Messenger, Viber™, Telegram™ App, SMS & Web browser Live Chat.


Create automated responses and scripts to keep customers engaged and reduce customer disengagement rate.


Get regular analytics of your customer interaction and well analysed statistics.


Integrate easily with your existing customer relationship management platform

Per Month

  • Live chat channel
  • Facebook channel
  • Telegram channel
  • One supervisor account
  • One agent account
  • Weekday support
  • Set-up and customization support
To be agreed

  • WhatsApp channel
  • SMS channel
  • Viber channel
  • Live chat channel
  • Facebook channel
  • Telegram channel
  • Additional supervisor accounts
  • Additional agent accounts
  • 24/7 support
  • Bot implementation
  • Custom implementation and support

Why implement chat solutions?

Messaging apps have surpassed social network

Messaging apps have surpassed social networks chart

Should a business respond to you 24/7 ?